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Various Ways Your Company Will Benefit from a Communication App


Technological advancement has changed the scope of things. Several companies rely on it to improve the profit margin as well as the productivity of the employees. Although there are several apps out there, nothing provides value for your money like an employee engagement app. The following are some of the ways in which your company will reap big from a communication app.


One of the major benefits of an employee communication app is that it grabs the attention of your employee. According to a recent survey, employees are more likely to reply to a text message than to an email. In fact, the researchers reported that 90% of employees can read and respond to a text message within three minutes. When it comes to emails, employees tend to skip emails that are not relevant to them. Why not use the employee communication app to send customized sweet and short messages. You can also schedule push notifications.


The gamification aspect of the employee communication app will also go a long way in benefitting your company immensely. The gamification feature borrows its concept from the normal games apps. It seeks to make boring and tedious tasks enjoyable. Workers can work to complete the set objectives to achieve a reward or to set a new record. Statistics has it that employees tend to put their time on quizzes as well as other games when there is a reward that is involved. By doing so, the efficiency of your employees will be enhanced. This is because they will learn new concepts as well as to push themselves to achieve the set objectives. For more details check this link here at https://joinblink.com/.


Although several people attribute unhealthy employee competition to the gamification feature, there is more to it than meets the eye. When the gamification aspect is put to the best use, teamwork is enhanced. However, using it for the wrong purpose not only builds unnecessary tension but also leads to sloppy work. As such, it is prudent for every company to ensure that the gamification feature is used to attain the desired results other than recognizing the most productive employee on the leaderboard. To see page click this link here at https://joinblink.com/.


The gamification feature should build better engagement, which enhances teamwork.

Ultimately, the employee communication app allows you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your engagements. This happens in three steps. First, you use the app to send messages. Your employees then retrieve those texts and engage in microteaching and learning. They then participate in fun quizzes, which allows you to gauge their understanding. Check this website to get more information about business https://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/23/world/business-green-activism/index.html.